Acromegaly Awareness Day

Acromegaly is a rare disease in adults which is difficult to diagnose due to its slow progression and varied symptoms. Currently, there are at least 2,000 Canadians affected by acromegaly with still more undiagnosed. 

CORD 2017 Fall Conference: A Moon Shot for Rare Disorders: Leave No one Behind

Patient Support Groups

Alberta Pituitary Patient Society

Visit the Alberta Pituitary Patient Society website   APPS  aims to provide services to Albertan's with pituitary related diseases.  One of the APPS’s goals is to reach every Alberta patient who may be forgotten, abandoned, or worse yet, undiagnosed after many years of suffering.  APPS is supported by an Alberta network of physicians and surgeons.

BC Acromegaly Support Group

Visit the website of the Vancouver Acromegaly Support Group which is focused on providing support for acromegaly and gigantism patients in British Columbia, but also other provinces in Western Canada. 

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