About Us

Who We Are

CPPN was founded in 2016 by a group of Canadian patients with various pituitary disorders. It is a Canadian non-profit organization for:  

  • Pituitary patients (including adrenal);  
  • The families and loved ones of patients;  
  • The physicians and health care providers who treat patients;  
  • The industries that support all of the above in many diverse ways; and
  • Regional organizations across Canada devoted to patients of all pituitary disorders.

CPPN supports and in turn is supported by existing and developing regional patient support groups which address any pituitary disorder.  It aims to provide services at the national level which do not duplicate the efforts of the other organizations. 

One of the CPPN goals is to be able to properly direct every Canadian pituitary patient to the resources they require so that none are forgotten, abandoned or undiagnosed, and all can experience successful outcomes.  

Our Board of Directors are patients, caregivers and participants in the health care community from across Canada.  CPPN is supported by a Canadian network of physicians and surgeons.

Our Mission

The mission of the CPPN is to support pituitary patients, caregivers and health care providers in Canada to do what is necessary to ensure pituitary patients live fulfilling lives by: 

  • Supporting the development and ongoing work of regional patient groups. Regional groups offer the most effective means of effectively meeting the social needs of pituitary patients. 
  • Supporting regional, national and international initiatives for required changes. 
  • Lobbying government, regulators, payers, educational institutions and the pharmaceutical industry for required changes. 
  • Support the development of and access to early detection, diagnosis, clinical trials and effective treatments at the regional, national and international levels.  

Our Goals

  1. Provide a national perspective and a unifying voice for pituitary patient organizations in Canada. 
  2. Support the work of existing regional pituitary related patient groups. 
  3. In regions of the country where the following are not being done: (a) Improve the awareness and education of patients, caregivers and health care providers; and (b) Ensure patient support, advocacy and direction is widespread and effective. 
  4. Support the development of new regional pituitary patient groups where needed as conditions or resources evolve. 
  5. Increase Canadian participation in research activities. 
  6. Increase early patient access to innovative therapies.
  7. Provide effective support to therapies in approval processes. 
  8. Provide the support needed for the formation of Centres of Excellence. 
  9. Reform or eliminate non-effective or non-efficient regulatory policies and processes.
  10. Ensure required legislative reform/initiatives are successful.
  11. Make Canada a country where pituitary patients can proudly say they:
    (a)  Are diagnosed early;
    (b)  Have unfettered access to surgical therapies.
    (c)  Have unfettered access to pharmaceutical therapies;
    (d)  Have early access to new therapies; and
    (e)  Have unfettered access to financial coverage for the therapies they require.