The Canadian Pituitary Patient Network is striving to set up a network of support groups across Canada.  These groups will be run by dedicated volunteers who give their time to offer support and information to anyone living in their area affected by a pituitary condition or related adrenal condition.  The intent of these groups is to provide a positive environment that connects patients and caregivers with others in order to share experiences and offer insight, non-medical advice, and support.

Meetings vary in frequency and content across the country and aim to give members the opportunity to learn about their conditions, both from specialists and the experiences of others.  Group meetings are not only about supporting one another as patients and caregivers, but are also about having fun, making new friends and learning all manner of things that are not solely pituitary or adrenal related.

Patient and Caregiver Support Groups:




We are looking for volunteers to help us establish support groups in other regions.  If you are interested in becoming involved, please e-mail us at  Help us support pituitary patients across Canada.

Other affiliated Canadian organisations providing support: