Sonja Drrinck, President Canadian Pituitary Network

Dear Potential Donor

  There are many people who have been diagnosed with a pituitary disorder and face a lifetime of struggle with the physical, social, family, mental and financial consequences associated with it. 

There are also an unknown number of people who don’t know that what they are suffering from is a pituitary disorder. On top of these challenges, pituitary patients often struggle to manage their illness in a complex and confusing healthcare system.    

Our goal is to improve patient quality of life experienced by pituitary patients and their caregivers by advocating for needed improvements to research, healthcare delivery, therapies and patient support. We will do this by supporting the initiatives and development of regional patient support groups across Canada; promoting research and clinical trials;  bringing awareness, education and the patient voice to important regional, national and international regulatory discussions; supporting positive developments in the delivery of healthcare to those with pituitary disorders; and other similar ventures.

We rely on volunteers to provide governance and conduct operations. Your financial support  will be used for our minimal operating expenses and to support our developing projects. For more information, please contact us.

Thank You 

Sonja Durinck, President

 Canadian Pituitary Patient Network

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