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Our Needs and the Rewards of Leadership

The CPPN recently reached its first birthday as an operating entity. The majority of our efforts in the first year focused on establishing a sound organizational foundation on which future endeavors can grow and flourish. This work was done by a small group of members/directors/officers who are patients, caregivers and healthcare providers from across Canada. We hope that you will agree that for a group of health constrained or impacted persons collaborating virtually using the latest communication technologies, a lot of really good work has been done … but we need help. Your help.

We have a critical need for additional support from persons willing to embrace change and take up the challenge of becoming members/directors/officers who:

  • Have or are willing to develop AWARENESS  of the challenges and needs of pituitary patients or the knowledge and interest to make an important contribution to meeting these needs; 
  • Have KNOWLEDGE and experience that they can contribute to build a governance oriented Board that leads an effective operating organization;
  • Have the ABILITY and skills to create and implement the needed strategies and actions; and
  • Need little more than REINFORCEMENT of their efforts and accomplishments from knowing that they have contributed to a job well done.

Maybe you are a person impacted by a pituitary disease. Maybe you aren’t. It doesn’t matter. Being part of the CPPN leadership will allow you to bring real benefits to the pituitary (and rare disease) patient community. Additionally, it will provide social opportunities and personal development benefits. The CPPN Board, Committees and Advisory Panels are places where you can both gain or contribute important life or career experience. This is your opportunity to shape our young organization to best support the pituitary community.

We need people who bring knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in a wide spectrum of areas. We all have something to contribute. We have presented some ideas in this document. 

We fully embrace looking at issues from different perspectives and believe that we can always find better ways to do things. Our ideas, vision, goals, structures and operating procedures are works in progress. Your ideas, skills and experience are welcome and needed. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

Thank you.

Howard MacKay, Chair

CPPN Membership Committee

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